Behrooz Bahadori

Behrooz Bahadori was born in Tehran, Iran. He was raised in a middle-class family with six other siblings. He started his professional artistic career when he was twenty-two years old. After learning the basics of painting and art history, he started practicing fine art painting inspired by western impressionism and other Iranian contemporaries of his time. At the same time, he moved to Isfahan, one of the oldest and most artistic cities in the Middle East, where he spent another 30 years of his life.

In his work, he often depicts mundane and everyday subjects in traditional Iranian life. After his retrospect exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art In Isfahan, he moved to Turkey in October 2007, where he held exhibitions in several museums including Boyner, Sanat gallery, and Eskishehir City hall. After doing a series of exhibitions, Behr felt inspired by the Western natural environment and moved to Washington State. Currently, he lives in Seattle where he spends his time painting.

Watercolor on Paper – 20″ x 14″


Mohammad Nasr

Mohammad Nasr is a watercolor artist based in Iran. He has been producing work for many years out of Isfahan, Iran. His style is influenced by the traditional way of living like farming and nature. Mohammad Nasr’s work has been shown many times in Isfahan’s Modern Museum of Art and other famous galleries in Iran.

Behr Gallery has featured some of his famous works at the summer exhibition in 2013.

_BAH1660 copy

Mohammad Nasr _ Untitled 2010
Watercolor on Paper 11″ x 15″


Mehdi Zereshki

Mehdi Zereshki is an Iranian artist based in Iran. He is a specialist with watercolor paintings, his work is depicting traditional Iranian architecture and rural areas, often from geographical areas around Isfahan.

The talented artist Mehdi Zereshki has been a close friend with Behrooz Bahadori as well as Mohammad Nasr. They have been collaborating on a variety of different projects and their work has influenced each other. His work was shown in BEHR Gallery in 2013 alongside Mohammad Nasr and Behrooz Bahadori.

_BAH1678 copy

Mehdi Zereshki – Untitled 2013
Watercolor on Paper – 8″ x 12″