Behrooz Bahadori is an international artist specialized in watercolor painting. He has lived and worked in the United States, Turkey, Iran. He has exhibited widely in different parts of the world. His inspiration comes from nature, people and culture. The subject of his works often consists of landscape, still-life, everyday people, animals, and work. The mixture of colors and water is also taken metaphorically in the subject of his painting as fantasy, imagination, and nostalgia. He is interested in the simplicity of repetition of moments in traditional daily lives of people around the world.

BEHR Gallery is a project founded by Behrooz Bahadori in order to sell and distribute paintings and other artworks online. Recently, BEHR has started to help artists in Iran and different parts the of Middle East to sell their works and support themselves and their families by exhibiting their art to a wider audience. After the recent sanctions on Iran by the United States, it’s becoming harder for Iranian artists to survive and support their work inside and outside Iran. BEHR has created a situation where artists have the opportunity to show their work in international venues.