Same scene, two artist, two art-works

Seattle view by behr



The art that is been produced at Behr gallery is often called duality of perspective. We visit a scene in this case a simple view of the city from long distance. Behrooz has his paintings easel out and try to paint what comes to his mind, and I have my sweat camera trying to capture the obvious unseen.

The result is often quite shocking for both of us. He looks at mine and laugh sometimes, however I do not dare to the same. His work can be as colorful as a color palette and mine can be as grey as smoke. however many people argued that it’s what let us experience the life, each one of us has a perspective for it’s own. but when it comes to art, the comparison is what makes the mind wonder. it starts a question inside people’s mind; what’s real? where is this. which one is true!!! ” the arbitrary questions that does not matter.


That’s the reason that people like to experience  this art. for the same reason Richard Pruett commissioned us for the same project as he saw the power of this judgment. ” I am more excited about what will happen, which will be unexpected.” says Richard as he looks an completely open ended art work, but not abstract.


hami_bahadori_art_behr_watercolor_paintings_gallery _BAH7672_001_1440


behrooz bahadori art seattle city view due behr gallery

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