New Series of Talks and Lectures

Photo Center NW is hosting a series of artist Talks/Lectures organized independently by Hami Bahadori and Matt Bell. The program is titled “This Might Not Work” and the talks have been scheduled to the end of 2015.

There is a verity of different speakers presenting their work and research in this program. There is a good balance between artists, art historians and curators. Although among the presenters we see a mixture of visual artists and Conceptual artists. Steve Davis for example, will be talking about his photographic body of work, on August 13th, 2015. Aeron Bergman (Detroit, USA) and Alejandra Salinas (La Rioja, Spain)  an artist duo, who are co-founders of INCA (Institute for New Connotative Action) will talk about their work on Thursday, September 17th, 2015. Art Historian Daniele di Lodovico will be giving a lecture on “Wooden Sculptures and the Making of Devotion in Central Italy of the XII-XV Centuries”


Here is an introduction to this program written by the organizers.

This Might Not Work is the title given to a self-perpetuating chain of performances, presentations, lectures, and beneficial experiences that may or may not come into existence. Often times, as a student in the arts, or even as a person simply interested in the arts, there is no true forum for you to express your interests to a group. Grades are arbitrary but without them you cannot proceed, so you are forced to put aside some of your interests just to get by. You find yourself wandering down a path paved by the whims and interests of others, particularly when those ‘others’ are of authority. This series is best described as an effort to counter that paved path; it wants to hear what you have to say, and what everyone else has to say. Our collective knowledge is profound, eclectic and vibrant, and it’s about time that we let that come to light.

This series has been designed by students but it’s not only for students. It’s audience/participants/members might be intellectual learners, working artists, scientists, film buffs, musicians, critics, and anyone else…The only things that you will find here are an actual education and exchange of ideas between all students through guerilla-style artist talks, film screenings, music and performances.



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