MELT Art Exhibition at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

on January 15th 2015, There will be an opening for art exhibition titled MELT, curated by Hami Bahadori at the historic location which is now known as YoungTown Cultural Arts Center. The show is consist of Paintings, Photographs, installation, Video and other mediums.

Works of Local and international artist from will be presented at the opening night. featured artists:  Matt Bell – Mia Bian – Alex Boeschenstein – Max Cleary – Jueqian Fang – Kori Kori – Mario Lemafa – Katy Lester – Justen Waterhouse Hami Bahadori – 


Here is a blurb about the exhibition which will be free to public.


MELT is a visual art exhibition consists of works of local and international artists. All the artists presented in the exhibition have been somehow associated with University of Washington School of Art in the past but the exhibition was made possible independently from School of Art. These professional artists have been working on this show since June of 2014 and the entire art pieces shown in the exhibition was made specifically for the space (Youngstown Cultural Arts Center). The show is an opportunity to engage youth with art or science as well as a response to current educational issues. The inspiration for the exhibition came from the amazing historical aspect of the space and it’s diverse and democratic background. MELT is a direct response to the contemporary issues surrounding youth, childhood and education.The opening night of exhibition on January 15th would be a special opportunity to witness the collaboration of the at the location from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm”


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