Hayley Boyd at Behr Gallery

Behr Gallery is excited to announce that the young Seattle artist, Hayley Boyd has an Opening in February.

Hayley Boyd has graduated from College of Fine and Performing Arts in Western Washington University, and currently producing work as an independent artist.

Most of Boyd’s work has been shown in Galleries in western Washington including Bellingham and Seattle. She has introduced the viewer to  allegorical concepts with using space, fabric and color in her paintings and installation as well as her performance pieces.

Boyd has worked with prints and media as well. We are enthusiastically waiting for her work that will be shown at Behr Gallery this February. In her artist statement, Boyd writes:

“The illogical, uncontrollable architecture in my current work serves as a characterization of human limitations. Walls become a metaphor for physical fact and truth, locale and the illusion of the predetermined condition. Incorporating historical, sacred methods of architectural design alongside forthcoming and incidental ways of making, I am questioning the innate, as well as esoteric knowledge of the built world. The relationship between figure and assembled space varies in proximity, from an engulfed unity to abstracted refusal.

The converse destructive and constructive attributes are often a record of the relationship between creator and process, or figure and environment. I attempt to disregard the tendencies of my self and the various laws I have been accustomed to in order to move beyond the distinguishable and into the ineffable.”

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Hayley Boyd - Multi-Block Woodcut 7' x 6' November 2013

Hayley Boyd – Multi-Block Woodcut
7′ x 6′
November 2013

Hayley Boyed - Seattle artist

Hayley Boyed

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