Bucket List for BEHR Gallery Watercolor Workshops

If you want to participate at BEHR gallery’s Spting workshop you probably have some questions in mind like “what tools do I need to have/bring?

Well, here is some simple and inexpensive stuff that you can bring with you to the workshops and classes.

Paper or Pads

Here is some samples of Watercolor paper and Pads [notebook/sketch books] that you can bring to the workshop. In case you forgot them or don’t know where to get them don’t panic, you can always come and ask Behrooz Bahadori.



Paint and Brushes

You don’t need the most expensive brush set of all time, although a better brush makes a difference. As a beginner bring a simple paint set and a few brushes. We can also help you if you decide to buy good quality inexpensive material, for now you can try these art stores:











Please Feel free to let us know if you have more questions or concerns,  Here

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